Giant Living Birthday Cake

Over 4,000 plants will form a giant living birthday cake, towering above exhibition visitors and stands, to mark the 110th birthday of the Ideal Home Show at Olympia London this spring.  Naturally, I cannot reveal a photograph as yet, but the enormous green cake will look something like this...

The giant cake will be constructed in just four days.

The cake's creator will be TV gardener and horticulturalist David Domoney, who will wrap a fabulous mix of foliage and flowers around the vertical surfaces of the cake to be displayed at the annual exhibition from 17 March to 2 April.  Domoney and his team will have just four days to construct the cake, which will include various ferns such as Bird-nest, Boston and Pteris.

The 6.5 metre high by 3.25 metre wide cake will showcase vertical gardening - one of the biggest gardening trends for this year.  This links in with Pantone's interiors 'Greenery' trend, predicted by many designers to continue its popularity through 2018 and beyond.

With gardens becoming smaller, vertical gardening allows homeowners to make the most of the space they have. Vertical gardens have the advantage of being self-sufficient, and any type of plant can grow in the vertical pockets that can be attached to a wall, or in this case, the side of a cake. In these pockets the plants receive water and nutrients from the top down, rather than from the ground, with excess water draining down to the plant positioned below until each one is hydrated.

Domoney, who has been creating gardens at the show for over 20 years, advises: “Despite enthusiasm for gardening increasing, people’s gardens are getting smaller. Vertical planting is a brilliant way to enhance the brickwork around a garage, fencing or rendering, for example. For those with green fingers, the fact that any type of plant can grow in a vertical pocket means people can still plant, grow and love a whole range of plants.

“This project has been as exciting as it has been a challenge. The sheer size of the infrastructure needed to create the framework is a task on its own, but with a very tight build schedule, thousands of plants to go into position, and then keeping those plants alive inside a show environment for over two weeks, this project needs special planning and construction”.

Visitors will be treated to show homes that focus on enhancing every centimetre of liveable space, with a modernised Victorian terrace ‘Innovation home’, Liv-in beach huts, and specially-designed garden pods providing extra office or bedroom space in the garden.

Celebrities and experts offer demonstrations and top tips on gardening, home improvements, food and drink, alongside over 600 exhibitors. Celebrity chefs and drinks industry experts will also take to the Foodie Stage and Drinks Station situated within the co-located Eat & Drink Festival with free access for Ideal Home Show visitors.

To book tickets visit or call the ticket hotline on 0844 858 6763.

Scarlett Red Trending for 2018

Scarlet red has predominantly been used as an accent colour.  Powerful red, is an advancing hue, which can easily dominate a design, but used cleverly gives dynamism and energy in a daring and passionate colour scheme.

Images courtesy of Trend Book

This monochrome interior with dark walls is offset perfectly with the dramatic red top table which accentuates the central focal point...

The Feature Wall Grows Up

Walls have become a new buzz word in interior design!  Over the past year, trade shows have showcased more and more options for designers to unleash their creativity.  The feature wall of the past decade has grown up and glamorous walls are not simply about slapping on some wallpaper.  Walls can transform into works of art, with shimmering or matt finishes for you to gaze with delight.

This curved wall has an irresistible tactile quality...

Original Lava Love by Mathmos

Lava lamps have never looked as good as Mathmos!  The inventors of the original 1963 lava lamp launched the Neo at the end of 2016.  Designed by British lighting designer Jonathan Coles, the Neo is the only lava lamp in the world that has been completely tested and verified for customers of all ages.

We've enjoyed the beauty of the Mathmos Neo lamp for a few weeks in our rooms, mesmerised by the soothing and smooth movement.

The Neo is available in bright copper or a polished silver finish with different colour combinations inside the glass bottles such as floating turquoise with violet or yellow dancing with orange - perfect for children's or adult rooms that need that something special to light up their lives.

Neo is made from precision cast metal and is low voltage; powered by long lasting halogen capsules for extended use.  Its internal diffuser ensures that the heat and light are directed into the bottle ensuring the best view of Mathmos’ unique lava lamp formulation. 

Every detail has been designed with safety and quality at its core.  The branded bottle is coated with shatter-proof glass which holds together if broken and the built-in reflector ensures that heat and light are directed towards the lava and away from the metal.  

The elegant Neo can be used as an accent colour giving creative kinetic light. 

Own this design classic for just £68 with free (UK) delivery.

The copper-coloured Neo looks stunning in contemporary interiors with a dark backdrop and creates a soft, ambient light.

Instruction manual - simple and clear.
The base as it comes, before being assembled...
The bottle - it's amazing to see the transformation!
Now assembled, already looks gorgeous.
Beautiful, even before being plugged in...

Love the bright copper Mathmos Neo.

Mathmos have also just launched a new metallic Astro lamp, a vacuum metabolised version of the original 1963 design. When turned off the classic form of the Astro lava lamp is solid silver and when switched on, the lava is revealed through the silver coating of the glass, creating multiple reflections as it moves...

Available now in either red or blue lava this new metallic Astro range is available in limited numbers
exclusively from Mathmos websites at £78.00.